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Arrival & Dismissal



Students are expected to enter and exit the building through the following doors:

Door A (Front Door) All walkers

Door C (Playground) All car riders for arrival and dismissal

Door E (Back Door) Special Ed Bus, Day Care Bus, those in need of special assistance 


Arrival Procedures

Staff will not be present until the doors open at 8:50 AM. Please do not arrive prior to this time. No supervision will be provided prior to the building opening.

Car Riders:

Beginning at 8:50 AM, all cars will enter the north school parking lot using the north entrance and will move through the entire loop.

All cars will move alongside the sidewalk with the first car pulling all the way forward to the designated point. Once signaled by staff, students (Grades K-5) will exit vehicles from the right side and line up at their designated grade doors.

Dropping students off at the main entrance door will not be allowed unless directed by a staff member.


Beginning at 8:50, all walkers will use the crosswalks and follow the sidewalks to Door A (Front Door). Students will line up in their grade level lines and enter the building when directed by a staff member. Students are not to arrive prior to 8:50.


Dismissal Procedures

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Wesmere Elementary implements a dismissal plan that is designed to be quick, safe and efficient. The procedure is similar to routines at other district elementary schools and was designed with student safety first. The entire process, from student dismissal to last car out of the lot, should take about 15 minutes.

The first step in this process is to identify your student as a car rider or walker. Car riders and walkers are dismissed from different doors; therefore, it is important to inform your child’s teacher how they will be dismissed. This can be done by completing the dismissal form. If you need to change your student’s status at any time, you must contact your child’s teacher and call the front office.


Here is how the dismissal process works:

Car Riders:

  1. Cars will enter the north parking lot using the north entrance between 3:25 and 3:35 p.m.

  2. Staff members will direct cars to form parallel lines facing east. Drivers and passengers must stay in the vehicle at all times to keep students safe and maintain a quick and efficient dismissal process.

  3. If you arrive after 3:35 p.m., OR if the lot is full, you will have to wait until the lot is empty before picking up your student. 

  4. Once the lot is full, staff members will escort students through each row walking parallel to the vehicles.

  5. When all students (car riders) are in the correct vehicle, designated staff members will release each row of cars.

  6. After being released, cars will form two lanes and proceed to the south exit: The right lane will only be allowed to turn right and the left lane will only be allowed to turn left.



  1. If your student is a walker, he or she will be dismissed from Door A (Front Door) and follow the sidewalk north or south off the property. If waiting for a sibling, students will line up in their grade level lines and be excused once their sibling has arrived. 

  2. Students must use the designated crosswalks.

  3. Cars are not allowed to be parked in front of the building at dismissal unless parents or guardians are coming into the building for school business. Cars parked in front of the building will not be allowed to leave until all cars have left the lot after dismissal.


Dismissal Times

  • 3:38 -- 1st bell rings dismissing all daycare bus riders, kindergarten and 1st grade students.

  • 3:39 -- 2nd bell rings dismissing all 4th and 5th grade students.

  • 3:40 -- 3rd bell rings dismissing all 2nd and 3rd grade students. 

A reminder that we appreciate vehicles driving slowly while on school grounds AND effective January 1, 2010, "A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway in a school speed zone or while on school property...”  Penalty for violation will result in a moving violation as well as accompanying fines and court costs determined by the judge.


REMEMBER that cars may not enter the rear lot for dismissal/arrival and parking is allowed only in marked, designated parking spots in the front parking lot when parents or guardians are entering the building to conduct school business. 

*** Note: In the case of an emergency, all traffic into and out of the school parking lot and crosswalks may be halted.  If this occurs, staff, administration, and Wesmere families would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to ensure the safety of our students.  











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