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Megan Urban Principal   Main Office  
David Campbell Asst. Principal   Main Office  
Amy Ehm Special Ed Admin   Main Office  
Christi Nihill Sec. To the Principal   Main Office  
Tammy Koz  Sec. To the Asst. Principal   Main Office  
Diana Romero Office Clerk   Main Office  
Susan Dohoney Nurse   Health Office  
Amy LeFevers Nurse   Health Office  
Carrie Rogalski Media Specialist   Media Center  
Katy Supple Media Clerk   Media Center  
Joyce Ansel Kindergarten   108  
Aurora Incaudo Kindergarten   107  
Laura Colonnese Kindergarten   109  
Ashley Girgus        
Haley Wilson First Grade   118  
Shannon Nelson First Grade   121  
Mia Rey First Grade   120  
Patti Hudson First Grade   111  
Rebecca McBee Second Grade   116  
Andrea Merrill Second Grade   114  
Chris Nawrot Second Grade   113  
Kristine Weiss Second Grade   117  
Holly Held Third Grade   122  
Jill Offerman Third Grade   125  
Doryl O'Lear Third Grade   124  
Dawn Belbis Third Grade   123  
Maria Nelson Fourth Grade   216  
Rachel Vazquez Fourth Grade   217  
Ann Bodach Fourth Grade   214  
Karen Zwirblis Fourth Grade   215  
Carrie Tester Fifth Grade   204  
Casie Clark Fifth Grade   203  
Pam Jennings Fifth Grade   202  
Jenna Driggers Fifth Grade   205  
Alyssa O'Boyle 5th grade LBS1   210  
Lauren Brooks 1st grade LBS1   computer lab  
Jill Sima 3rd grade LBS1   115  
Kari Collins 2nd LBS1   112  
Nancy Sullivan 4th grade LBS1   211  
Alice Bontemps FBI   106  
Lindsay Cuddy FBI   105  
Megan Eberle Speech and Language Pathologist   207  
Laura Grimaldi Speech and Language Pathologist   212  
Bryan Campbell PE   PE Office  
Veronica Cooper PE   PE Office  
Jacob Weisbrodt PE   PE Office  
Kevin Carlson Music   101  
Katie DeLair Art   103  
Robyn Anderson Reading Spec.   131  
Megan Boehm Title 1 Interventionist   126  
Jenifer Garlitz Reading Spec.   127  
Tina Grandchamp Title 1 Interventionist   126  
Leslie Lambert District Reading Spec.    213  
Ellen Bailey Bilingual Teacher   206  
Gabby Valdes Bilingual Teacher   209  
Nicole Conway Bilingual Teacher   209  
Ethan Bricker Social Worker   104  
Alyson Angeloni Social Worker   207  
Candace Carter Psychologist   129  
Tammy Cook Hearing Itinerant   Computer Lab  

Kristen Murphy


Physical Therapist   133    
Brittany Springfield Occupational Therapist   133  
Pam Spiezio Learning Specialist   119  
Melissa Abbott Paraprofessional      
Skylar McNeeley Paraprofessional      
Cynthia Aguayo Paraprofessional      
Jackie Gornick Paraprofessional      
Anila Jose Paraprofessional      
Michelle Schilling Paraprofessional      
Colleen Sulester Paraprofessional      
Lisa Ogura Paraprofessional      
Linda Cranley Paraprofessional      
Heather Smith Paraprofessional      
Jennifer Millerd Paraprofessional      
Stephanie Debiasio Paraprofessional      
Barb Barnette Lunch Supervisor      
Mary Bell Lunch Supervisor      
Michelle Mock Lunch Supervisor      
Jemimah Paton Lunch Supervisor      
Jackie Gonzalez Lunch Supervisor      
Lindsay Dalporto Lunch Supervisor      
Christine Jagiello Lunch Supervisor      
Nick Block Head Custodian      
Maria Aguirre Custodian      
Keith Archer Custodian      
Tom Ejka Custodian      


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